Posted on: Monday 28th June 2021

Making decisions

I cannot believe another month has nearly passed and there is still a lot of uncertainty, and I don’t know about you but a feeling of confusion as well.

It feels like we have a clear way forward and then that gets muddled and decisions are made, and your life feels turned upside down again.

How clear are you on making decisions? Are you a person who is a planner or someone who leaves things to the last minute?

We all have to make many decisions throughout our daily lives. Some of these decisions require little effort, while others require more time and deeper thought before coming to a final solution.

When faced with having to make those really important decisions I tend to take time to think things through and I always try and think of what is the worst that can happen and work back from there.

Others like to list the pros and cons and decide based on those.

I read an article recently that offered a 5-step guide to decision making:
Step 1: Identify Your Goal:
This means identifying the purpose of your decision by asking yourself what exactly is the problem that needs to be solved? And why does this problem need to be solved?

Step 2: Gather Information for Weighing Your Options:

Gather necessary information that is directly related to the problem. Doing this will help you to better understand what needs to be done in solving the problem and will also help to generate ideas for a possible solution.

Step 3: Consider the Consequences:

Ask yourself what is likely to be the results of your decision. How will it affect you now? And how will it affect your future?

Step 4: Make Your Decision:
Now that you have identified your goal, gathered all necessary information, and weighed the consequences, it is time to make a choice and actually execute your final decision. Ask yourself, does it feel right? And does this decision work best for you now, and in the future?

Step 5: Evaluate Your Decision:

Once you have made your final decision and put it into action, it is necessary to evaluate the decision and the steps you have taken to ensure that it works. This final step is probably just as important as step one, if not more important, because it will help you to further develop your decision-making skills for future problems. This step is also fundamental because it may require you to seek out new information and make some changes along the way.

Our topic for my July Walk and Talk on Monday 5 July is “making decisions”

So, it would be great to see you, make a decision and book a place 😊

Have a good week!

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