Business Leadership coaching

Being a leader of a business regardless of size can be a lonely place.

The benefit of 1:1 coaching for you as a business leader is to give you the opportunity to explore challenges you are facing and think through options to resolve those challenges in a safe supportive environment.

Coaching will help you to:

• Think and plan more strategically
• Manage risk more effectively
• Create and communicate vision and

I will act as your critical friend; you will receive a goal-orientated personally tailored learning experience and together we will create a personal action plan.

Some of the benefits clients have reported have been:

• Reduced personal stress
• Happier customers
• Reduced staff turnover
• Increased profits

‘Leadership coaching helps professional people to reflect upon their work in a frank and rigorous way and to establish new patterns of behaviour as a consequence.’ (Sanger et al., 2000)

Research into the Benefits of Coaching

In a study of 100 leaders who had undergone coaching the positive impacts of coaching included:

• Improved teamwork
• Improved relationships with peers
• Improved job satisfaction
• Reduced conflict.

(Manchester Consulting Inc.)

As a result of coaching, executives reported that they had become more aware of self and others and that they assumed more responsibility for their actions. Furthermore, they all reported positive changes in performance. Genger (1997)

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