Walking Coaching

Coaching can take many forms, I firmly believe coaching in an outdoor environment means the benefits of coaching are more readily and easily achieved.

Life coaching takes you on a journey from where you are now to where you want to be.

Exercise not only improves your body it changes your mind, your attitude, your mood. Joining the benefits of both walking and life coaching in the form of Walking Coaching has a powerful effect on your physical, mental and emotional health.

Walking leads to the release of your body’s natural happy drug, Endorphin. In essence, walking is an excellent form of exercise, which not only improves your physical health but also insight and creativity.

Although walking coaching is a relatively recent idea in the world of life coaching, I find walking can stimulate emotions, jog memories or improve conversations which aids your self-reflection and self-evaluation; all essential constituents of successful coaching.

By introducing a walk into our coaching sessions you are given a welcome change from your regular environment.

Walking Changes Your Brain For The Better, According To Science

Stephanie Blozy, an expert in exercise science says “As you walk, your whole body wakes up — especially your mind.”

It improves your overall cognitive functioning

It improves creativity

It increases blood flow in your brain

Let’s take a walk and plan your future …………….

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