Posted on: Monday 17th May 2021


At our last Walk and Talk event we discussed “motivation” I was really interested in hearing what motivated people and how that kept them going when things were tough.

“Doing my job” was overwhelmingly the most thing that motivated people. The sense of achievement and satisfaction when you have helped a client, or achieved that result clearly motivates you to do more.

Outside of work, family and quality of life was also a motivator.

I don’t know about you, but I have found during the last year it has been difficult to motivate myself at times.

When the world is changing all around us and things seem chaotic and the future is unknown, doing the “normal” work things somehow seem unimportant even though at times they are the only thing that can distract us!

Acknowledging those feelings and talking about them is a way to externally recognise them and the one thing I know I and others benefit from on my walk and talk events is that sense of comfort when you realise there are others around you who are feeling the same 

So, what motivates you?

The important thing is to recognise your motivations (write them down) and when things get tough go back to them and remind yourself what drives you.

These will change over time so get into the habit of revisiting them (set a yearly reminder).

It’s ok to have days when you lack motivation, take some time out, look after yourself, be kind to yourself and you will bounce back!

My next walk and Talk events are on Monday 7th June. The theme will be time, how do we juggle life, and make time for ourselves as well as others.

It would be great to see you.

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