Walk and Talk

Start the new month with focus and fun, come and join Cornwall Coaching for an inspirational walk!

An opportunity for professional women from across Cornwall to come together.

These informal but structured walks at Boscawen Park in Truro are designed for you to have a safe place to discuss current issues, share ideas, get tips to help support you with your busy lives.

There is no pressure to “sell yourself or your services / products” just an opportunity for you to “be yourself”

The walks will be run for about an hour and there will be 3 walks during the day so you can choose a time which best suits you.

You get the chance to set a personal goal you want to work on for the month ahead and record it on a personalised postcard. You then return the next month to reflect with others how well it went – or not!

Listen to my interview that explains more about our Walk and talk events

Feedback from Kirsty

It was a really great way to start the week off with a walk around Boscawen Park in Truro, followed up with a cup of tea in the sunshine.

Tina really lead the group well, there were no awkward silences and it was structured with conversation starters surrounding “Resilience” which was the topic.

It really made you think and assess your own situation and I came away feeling happy to have had the fresh air as well as having good conversation with others. We were each given a postcard to take away with us which we had to write down a goal for the month.

I think this really helps make you feel accountable as it would be disappointing to return next month having not succeeded! All in all I found it to be a really beneficial morning, with a friendly group of ladies. Thank you Tina!”

Kirsty, Harcourt White Ltd.

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